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Carl and Pat

Carl and Pat Whitehead

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Carl and Pat's Profile

Carl and Pat went to Papua New Guinea in 1974 and began working among the Menya people in 1975. They anticipate that the Menya New Testament will be completed in 2015. In addition to coordinating the translation of God's Word into the Menya language, they have been involved in the training of nationals who desire to see God's word in their own language. They have also been active as consultants in linguistics (Carl), anthropology and literacy (Pat). They have 5 adult children who are all currently living in Canada.

Carl and Pat's Blog


Another milestone

September 20, 2017

On Sept 1st Pat and I came back out to our Menya village location to prepare for the recording technician's arrival on the 4th to record the last portions of the Menya New Testament. Just before we le...

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Typesetting update

November 19, 2016

The typesetting of the Menya New Testament is finished except for a few minor decisions concerning the actual publishing and printing. We praise God for His help throughout the process, Roland Fumey f...

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typesetting progress

November 01, 2016

Roland Fumey, the Menya NT typesetter, found a way to modify his older version of the programme so a license for the newer version was not needed. With his help we have now almost completed the typese...

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Typesetting begun

October 23, 2016

Typesetting of the Menya New Testament has started! The typesetter's first week was spent learning how to get things to appear the way we want (including showing us the options so that we could make f...

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New Testament read-through progress

July 01, 2016

On May 30th, 3 days after I returned from the Wycliffe Canada board meetings in Peru, 5 Menya men arrived at Ukarumpa to resume and complete the comprehensive read-through of the New Testament. The en...

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