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Brian and Lois Anderson

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Brian and Lois Anderson's Profile

Brian works on typesetting translated New Testaments and is excited to also be involved in software development to help make materials available to translators around the world. Lois is currently serving as the Wycliffe Canada Internship Coordinator and also working on projects for Rain Forest International School where she usually fills the role of principal. We are happy to contribute to various areas while we are on home assignment.

Brian and Lois Anderson's Blog


Wrapping Up

March 31, 2015

I am unemployed. Well, OK, I still have work to do and I haven't resigned or retired or even given up. But I have handed over. Yes, I am no longer the intern coordinator for Wycliffe Canada. I have ha...

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Its all about focus.

November 04, 2014

As Brian as been taking macro photos of flowers bugs and all manner of things, I have been reminded that our perception of life, our take on our circumstances, is all about focus. We can choose to foc...

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