Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.

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Marcel Bal

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I will be working in the Wycliffe Offices in Lima, Peru assisting with archiving; that is, I will be taking detailed information about various people groups and making it more easily accessible. It is similar to what a librarian does with a card cataloging.

I will also be teaching English to various members of Wycliffe's staff. I will be using Bible study as a means to accomplish this because Wycliffe staff who desire to learn English will benefit from learning Biblical or theological words in English. Also, I have a gift for theology.

During the early part of my internship, I will also be learning Spanish. This will give me an opportunity towards the end of my internship to learn how the Bible translation process works and also be able to assist with that process.

Marcel's Blog


A CILTA Preview in Cuzco

June 24, 2017

Hi everybody, I have another update for all of you. I have recently shared with you my time in Huaraz dealing with flood relief among the various towns in the Andes. But that wasn’t the only thing I d...

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Flood Relief Near Huaraz

June 19, 2017

Hello again everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am nearing the end of my time here in Peru. I will retur...

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A Life Changing Experience with the Yaneshas

May 19, 2017

Well it's been a long time since my last post and keep in mind that I am going to be writing about events that happened over a month ago now. I went with a team from El Salvador to visit some communit...

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Back to the Amazon Again. The Village of Villa Rica

April 08, 2017

Hi everybody, I am leaving in an hour to go back to the jungle. This time I will be going with a team from El Salvador on a bus that will take me through the night. I will be returning Friday morning....

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The Amazon

March 27, 2017

Hi everybody, I just got back from the Amazon after spending the past five days there. I was in Iquitos visiting some of the missionaries there who were very hospitable to me in opening up their house...

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