Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.

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Project Details

Cree Initiative

Bible translation, Education/training, Linguistics, Scripture Use
Across Canada
Funding Need for 2017:
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The Cree Initiative serves more than 100,000 people in five related Cree language groups located across much of Canada, from 

Alberta to Quebec. This effort builds capacity for local First Nations Cree peoples to do Bible translation and promote the use of God’s Word in their heart language. It will meet a need expressed by speakers and leaders of the indigenous church in these groups. They have requested technical training and assistance from SIL (Wycliffe’s key partner) and the Canadian Bible Society.

The culture in these groups is quite similar, and their languages have grammatical structures that are very much alike. They include Plains Cree (70-plus communities), Northern Alberta Cree (20-plus), Woods Cree (20-plus), Swampy Cree (20-plus) and Oji-Cree (12-plus). There has been a long history of missionary work among First Nations groups, but speakers of these Cree Initiative languages are hindered by a lack of Scriptures that they can clearly understand.

God’s Word in their mother tongue will also equip Christians in these Cree communities to address the problems around them, including addictions, suicide, abuse, depression, illiteracy and loss of language and culture.


Each local project committee in these cluster language groups has determined Bible translation priorities unique to their communities. Your donations will be used for salaries, equipment, and travel for mother-tongue translators serving their own people.

Wycliffe’s Bill and Norma Jean Jancewicz are heading up the Cree Initiative. They bring 26 years of experience serving within the Naskapi language group in northeastern Quebec, where local Naskapi staff themselves are now translating and encouraging the use of God’s Word.


MORE: Visit for stories, photos and videos about the Cree Initiative 

Get Involved


You can pray for the people serving in the Cree Initiative, and use the prayer resources that Wycliffe Canada is eager to offer you. As a start, please pray for a growing Cree team that is unified, healthy and enjoying God’s protection.

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