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Whether you're a children's pastor, family pastor, Sunday school teacher, camp director, teacher, or parent, this section of our website will equip you with tools to help kids learn about the importance of missions, the Bible, prayer and Bible translation.

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Charles the Missionary Mouse Booklet


Format: 8½ x 11-inch, 8-paged booklet with a story that’s accompanied by hand-painted, contemporary illustrations.
Age: 6-11
Description: A church mouse overhears a missionary speak, heads overseas to share the gospel, but runs into many obstacles once there. He learns that only people can be missionaries to people—and urges readers to take up the challenge.
Ideas for use: Great for a take home sheet for children during a mission conference. Read the story and discuss with the children how they can be involved in missions right now. Take home sheet, read and discuss in Sunday school.

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