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Kingdom Friendships

Summer 2014

Ten members from Chilliwack Alliance Church in B.C. have finally arrived in the Apurímac region of south-central Peru. Tired and looking a bit disoriented, they are the only white faces emerging from a regional bus into the darkness of Abancay city on an early evening this past September.

They unload luggage and sit down for supper at the headquarters of AIDIA, the “Interdenominational Association for the Holistic Development of Apurímac.”

Before praying for the meal, team leader Chris Denis pulls a book from one of dozens of nearby boxes labelled, “APURIMAC QUECHUA NT (BLACK) 32 COPIES MADE IN KOREA.” He shows the New Testament, translated by AIDIA, to the church group. “This is what it’s all about, guys,” he emphasizes to the group, consisting of men and women ranging from 20-somethings to retired couples.

These Eastern Apurímac Quechua Scriptures are a direct link to why the Chilliwack church team is here. The congregation is a key partner supporting, praying for and financially equipping AIDIA to do its multi-faceted ministry.

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