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Workers on the Home Front

Spring 2015

For this issue, we met and wrote about some of the approximately 200 people serving in Canada to further the work abroad. They include recruiters, donation receipting staff, field project liaison officers, board members, church connections personnel, IT managers, linguistic trainers, spiritual enrichment leaders, and others. These and many more all play a vital role here in Canada, so that the necessary staff, prayer and funds can sustain overseas field work among Bibleless people groups.

We who work here at home—from British Columbia to the Maritimes—are not on the so-called “front lines” of ministry abroad. We don’t serve in exotic contexts. But ask field personnel and they will acknowledge that their work cannot happen without the committed effort back in Canada that supports them (for which they thank us often).

That’s why it is so appropriate for our cover photo, of a girl in a language group of West Asia, to be a mosaic formed by images of folks serving in Canada. The home front and the front line are deeply intermeshed, linked and connected.

You can’t have one without the other. We are all missionaries.

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