Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.


2015 Calendar: People in Focus

Winter 2014

As we move forward, our organization is focused on recruiting personnel, garnering prayer and raising funds for Bible translation and related ministries in a shorter list of countries and areas. We ha...

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Calmer Waters

Fall 2014

As militants surrounded his home village in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Bible translator Mark Sipaala [si-PAL-ah] stuffed a pile of handwritten Scripture translations into a rusty metal box ...

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Kingdom Friendships

Summer 2014

Ten members from Chilliwack Alliance Church in B.C. have finally arrived in the Apurímac region of south-central Peru. Tired and looking a bit disoriented, they are the only white faces emerging from ...

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Forward from Ashes

Spring 2014

In 2005, Richard and Charlene Hicks were murdered by would-be thieves in Guyana, South America. Their deaths shocked the Wapishana people they served in Bible translation, as well as expatriate collea...

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2014 Calendar: Reflections from Behind the Lens

Winter 2013

In this calendar issue of Word Alive, we are featuring photos for each month that were chosen by our award-winning photographers, Alan Hood and Natasha Schmale, as their personal favourites. In additi...

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Silk Road Ascent

Summer 2013

Sorry, this issue is not available online. To order a print copy, please contact media@wycliffe.ca....

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Nomads No Longer

Spring 2013

Thirty years ago, when more than 300 Naskapis established their tiny community of "Kawawa" in northeastern Quebec, some may have wondered if the group was in danger of disappearing. More than a centur...

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2013 Calendar - God’s Love Is...

Winter 2012

What is God’s love? How would you define it? In what ways would you express it? Each of us would probably have a different answer to these questions, because God’s love in this world comes in many for...

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Breaking New Ground

Fall 2012

Aided by Wycliffe staff and Canadian donors, the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau is taking the lead in translating Scripture for the West African country. So far, the denomination has supplied ded...

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Fighting HIV-AIDS with Kande

Summer 2012

A Scripture-based storybook about a little girl dispels myths about HIV-AIDS and fuels compassion for its victims. The story, fictitious but based on real-life examples, revolves around Kande, a 12-ye...

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