Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.


Let Hands Speak and Eyes Listen

Summer 2009

Wycliffe aids Bible translation into sign languages for the Deaf. ...

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One Cool Co-ordinator

Spring 2009

Nothing thrills—or frightens—a fun-loving Danny Foster like coordinating Bible translation for clusters of languages in Tanzania. ...

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2009 Calendar

Winter 2008

Featuring people from one of the world’s regions with the greatest need for Bible translation. Word Alive magazine is published four times a year. Subscribe at the following page: Print Edition or Em...

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Hutterisch for Hutterites

Fall 2008

Translated children’s Bible stories and an audio New Testament speak the heart language of a communal people. ...

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Dawn in the Rainforest

Summer 2008

In Brazil’s Amazon jungle, the light of God’s Word shines on tribal peoples who were once nearly extinct. ...

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No Looking Back

Spring 2008

Innovative strategies enhance and augment a half-century of work in Bible translation, Scripture use and literacy in Papua New Guinea. ...

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2008 Calendar

Winter 2007

Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart. Word Alive magazine is published fo...

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The Québécois “Kera Girl”

Spring 2007

Beset by trials, Jackie Hainaut persevered to help translate Scripture and win the hearts of Chad’s Kera people. ...

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2007 Calendar

Winter 2006

Translating Scripture, Transforming Lives. Word Alive magazine ...

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To a Road Less Travelled

Fall 2006

Europe's Sinte Gypsies are being led by God's Word onto the narrow path that intersects with the Lord of heaven and earth. ...

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