Anna Grove



Anna is an intern with Wycliffe, heading to Cameroon in September 2022 to do Scripture engagement work with a cluster of related languages in the Ndop Plain. She is the daughter of Wycliffe members Dan and Melody Grove and grew up in the Ndop area of Northwest Cameroon while her parents were involved in translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement work.  

She looks forward to working alongside many of her parents’ colleagues in the Ndop cluster – people she has known and been mentored by for many years – to help people in the Ndop area interact with God’s Word in culturally familiar and life-changing ways. She is from New Brunswick and is currently taking classes at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) as preparation for work on a master’s degree in the Fall of 2023, after her internship. Anna is working toward joining the Bible translation movement long term.