Val & Neil Carlton



Neil and Val, both from Western Canada, joined Wycliffe Canada in 1982-83 because they believed that all people need the Word of God in the languages they value most. They lived in West Asia from 1985 to 2004, doing dialect survey, leading the team of Wycliffe workers, and working alongside a small national translation organization. After that, they transferred to Eurasia Area staff and over the next 10 years gave administrative leadership to teams across that vast region stretching from Europe to the Mediterranean and across Central Asia.

Val provided HR services for Eurasia’s staff till the end of June 2022, when she retired from Wycliffe. Neil continues as part of the Spiritual Life Team for SIL International, Wycliffe’s main field partner, and he also helps in Wycliffe Canada’s prayer department. Neil and Val are settled in the small town of Carstairs just north of Calgary.