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Members exchange post-service greetings at the Bambalang Baptist Church in Cameroon, Africa.


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Thailand course equips teachers for multilingual education

A recent mother-tongue-based multilingual education (MTB-MLE) course held in Chiang Mai, Thailand drew 42 participants representing seven different countries. Running from June 24 to July 19, the course was administered by Wycliffe's key partner, SIL International,...

Total languages globally: 7,099
Languages with some Scripture: 3,350+
NT translations with Wycliffe involvement: 1,000
Spoken languages needing translation: 1,879
Sign languages needing translation: 284
Marriages Renewed

Marriages Renewed

“I used to drink a lot,” says Alejandro, “and I insulted and beat my wife and children. I did so much damage to my family.”


A Look at God’s Transforming Power

Papa God’s Talk

Papa God’s Talk

Feeling a canopy of darkness hovering over the room, Marilyn prayed to God to protect her from any spirits connected to the fetishes: “Please, Lord Jesus, you are more powerful than these fetishes. You can command the spirits they serve. Please protect me.”

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VIDEO – The Ripple Effects of Bible Translation (Wycliffe UK)

Discover how the impact of Bible translation ripples out beyond Christians and churches to touch the lives of whole communities.


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AUDIO – The Why and How of Bible Translation
by Jack Popjes

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