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In Goma, DRC, a man hauls supplies using a tshukudu.


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Ethnologue releases 23rd edition

The 23rd edition of Ethnologue, an authoritative catalogue of the world's languages, is now available online. First published in 1951 by SIL International, Wycliffe's key partner organization, the latest edition is the result of more than 18,000 updates that have been...

Total languages globally: 7,353
Languages with some Scripture: 3,384
Languages needing translation: 2,115
Languages with full Bible: 698
Languages with New Testament only: 1,548
Waking from a dream

Waking from a dream

Maximiliana thought attending church was a waste of time—until literacy skills taught by ATEK helped her understand the Scriptures.

A Heart Warmed

A Heart Warmed

Commissioned by Wycliffe Russia, three men on a language survey team were sent to learn more about the Nanai people of Siberia and their language.


A Look at God’s Transforming Power

From Depression to Joy

From Depression to Joy

I had a firm conviction that God was in a hurry to save the Canelas and all the rest of the world and that therefore, I should be too.

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VIDEO Peace River Sign Language (promo video in American Sign Language–no sound)
Deaf believers in Southeast Asia are working hard to translate chronological Bible stories into their language, using sign language in video format.
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AUDIO – The Why and How of Bible Translation
by Jack Popjes

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