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In All Things

By Ruth Richert | May 7, 2021

While the pathos of his childhood is striking, what stands out to Yves is the constant thread of God’s love and calling on his life.

“Now I know what to read in our mosque!”

By Guest Contributor | Mar 16, 2021

When I gave [the mullah] a copy of the New Testament in Uzbek he took it, touched it with his lips and forehead and finally held it close to his heart.

True Liberation

By Wycliffe Canada | Feb 16, 2021

After arguing among themselves whether to execute their missionary captives, the leaders of the terrorist group chose instead to “liberate” their car and equipment, and let them go. Part of this equipment included a film projector and films about the life of Christ.

a map of the world

Chadian language group dedicates New Testament

By Wycliffe Canada | Feb 12, 2021

After numerous delays, the Guerguagui people of Chad have finally received the New Testament in their language, Guerguiko.

Weaving a Beautiful Translation

By Guest Contributor | Feb 2, 2021

In awe. That’s how I often feel when our team is working on the translation of God’s Word into the Kisun* language, in the Caucasus region.

Word Search: Not Your Ordinary Garden

By Guest Contributor | Jan 7, 2021

A translation team in Tanzania was working on translating “Garden of Eden,” but the Swahili word the translators had considered just wasn’t adequate.

Four Generations of Missions

By Guest Contributor | Jan 7, 2021

“When [God] chose my great-grandfather, he wasn’t just choosing an individual, but the generations coming afterward that would continue in that work.”

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SIL joins UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition

By Wycliffe Canada | Dec 18, 2020

Wycliffe’s key partner organization has joined a group of UN agencies, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), private and civil society members to further advance innovative learning initiatives for the world’s changing learning environments.

New Milestones in Digital Scripture Availability

By Guest Contributor | Dec 16, 2020

Globally in 2020, digital Scriptures in 1,968 languages became available on various sites and apps.

Saved by a former enemy

By Guest Contributor | Dec 14, 2020

While I was cutting a tree, the trunk fell on my right leg. It fractured my bones and ripped open my flesh from heel to knee. I couldn’t get up, or walk.