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Established in 1968, Wycliffe Japan is the oldest Wycliffe Global Alliance organization in Asia. Photo by David Edelstein, Unsplash.

Mount Fuji, Japan. Wycliffe has been active in this Asian country since 1968. (Photo by David Edelstein, Unsplash)


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SIL joins UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition

Wycliffe’s key partner organization has joined a group of UN agencies, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), private and civil society members to further advance innovative learning initiatives for the world’s changing learning environments.

Word Search: Not Your Ordinary Garden

Word Search: Not Your Ordinary Garden

A translation team in Tanzania was working on translating “Garden of Eden,” but the Swahili word the translators had considered just wasn’t adequate.

Saved by a former enemy

Saved by a former enemy

While I was cutting a tree, the trunk fell on my right leg. It fractured my bones and ripped open my flesh from heel to knee. I couldn’t get up, or walk.


A Look at God’s Transforming Power

Four Generations of Missions

Four Generations of Missions

“When [God] chose my great-grandfather, he wasn’t just choosing an individual, but the generations coming afterward that would continue in that work.”

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VIDEO – Every Sign Matters (Wycliffe U.S.)

In Japan, the Japanese Sign Language translation team is working hard to bring Scripture to the Deaf in a format that touches their hearts — video.

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Church leaders use Scripture-based trauma healing to treat despair in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (web edition, 2018)

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