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Vendors in canoes wait for customers to buy their produce on the banks of Torotsian Island, Papua New Guinea. Because space is limited on the island, produce must be brought over from the mainland.


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700th Bible translated

The full Bible has now been translated into 700 of the world’s 7,300-plus languages.

The 30th Anniversary

The 30th Anniversary

On Aug. 10, 2020, my wife Jo and I celebrated a significant anniversary of a major life event in 1990. The location was a Canela village in Brazil. The occasion was the distribution of newly printed Bible portions, which Jo and I helped translate in partnership with the Canela people.

Wycliffe Russia Builds Virtual Networks

Wycliffe Russia Builds Virtual Networks

“Russia is big, and our office is not,” says Wycliffe Russia’s Vlada Dibirova. “We send churches information, news and videos. And also, we constantly contact pastors . . . to pray for them and the church’s needs.”


A Look at God’s Transforming Power

A Great Harvest in Peru

A Great Harvest in Peru

What is currently happening with the Quechua Church is truly extraordinary! There is revival! I have never seen anything like it in all the time I have been working in ministry.

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VIDEO A Vast Crowd (Wycliffe U.S.)

Around the world, people are meeting the God who died to save them through Scripture in a language and format they can understand. 

AUDIO – The Why and How of Bible Translation
by Jack Popjes

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