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Paving the Path

By Wycliffe Canada | Jan 7, 2022

More than half of Papua New Guinea’s 820 languages still do not have a single verse of Scripture, making it one of the top countries of greatest need for Bible translation. Duncan Kasokason is leading the way for other local consultants in Bible translation.

Wycliffe Canada leads software development to speed Bible translation

By Wycliffe Canada | Dec 7, 2021

An international team of 12 organizations including Wycliffe Canada and its partner OneBook are providing linguists, consultants, exegetical advisers and software specialists to develop a new software tool: The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA). The software has potential to speed access…

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“Put Us Anywhere”

By Guest Contributor | Nov 2, 2021

Many people think that mission workers need to be preachers, teachers, doctors, or nurses to serve overseas. But Tony and Martha Hinton—a trained auto mechanic and a speech pathologist—prove that God can use people who are willing to go where He sends them—no matter what their skills are. 

Innovative approach helps missionary kids “hunger for school”

By Wycliffe Canada | Oct 14, 2021

Modular Study Groups (MSGs) are a non-traditional approach to education that looks quite different from typical Western-style classrooms.

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Died: Marilyn Laszlo, Bible translator who inspired missionaries to “come by here”

By Wycliffe Canada | Sep 27, 2021

The passionate storyteller spent nearly a quarter century developing written language and Scripture for a Papua New Guinea village.

It’s about the process

By Guest Contributor | Aug 30, 2021

Our goal is to see people transformed by the Word of God. Simply handing them a Bible doesn’t make that happen.

Called to peace

By Wycliffe Canada | Aug 19, 2021

In Papua New Guinea, a Scripture-based trauma healing workshop brought together people from two warring villages. A ceasefire had been in place, but it had been broken. Many lives had been lost on both sides.

SIL releases new fonts

By Wycliffe Canada | Aug 18, 2021

Wycliffe’s key strategic partner, SIL International, develops and supports a wide range of software to assist with language development activities, such as linguistic and cultural research, literacy and mother-tongue education, dictionary development, community and computer-assisted translation, and vernacular media production.…

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Wycliffe Associates appoints new President/CEO

By Wycliffe Canada | Aug 9, 2021

Wycliffe Associates has appointed Simoun Ung as the next president and chief executive officer. Ung commenced his duties on July 1. Founded in 1967 and now based in Orlando, Fla., Wycliffe Associates (WA) worked to support Bible translation teams in…

The story of “How Great Thou Art”

By Wycliffe Canada | Jul 12, 2021

1934. A village in the Carpathian Mountains. Anna* reads from a Russian Bible, her words precise and careful. She is the first person in her village ever to do so—the first person ever to learn to read. Her guests listen…