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A young girl learns to write her Eastern Apurímac Quechua language at a literacy class in southern Peru.


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Wycliffe Global Alliance appoints new director

The Wycliffe Global Alliance has appointed Dr. Stephen Coertze to serve as its new director, following a time of transition that will begin in April 2020. Coertze, a member of Wycliffe's staff in South Africa, currently serves as the director for missiology on the...

Total languages globally: 7,099
Languages with some Scripture: 3,350+
NT translations with Wycliffe involvement: 1,000
Spoken languages needing translation: 1,879
Sign languages needing translation: 284


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Janet Seever

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VIDEO The Nukna people of Papua New Guinea engage with Scripture in their language.
(Source: The PNG Experience.)

AUDIO – The Why and How of Bible Translation
by Jack Popjes

jack popjes

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