David Duncan



Through his work at OneBook, a Wycliffe Canada partner organization, David is leading an international team of translators, linguists and consultants who are developing a promising new software tool: The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA). 

The Bible Translator’s Assistant has potential to provide minority language groups with access to God’s Word more quickly, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. This software provides initial exegetical insights and produces a working draft of the Bible directly into the focus language of the project.

Roy Eyre, President of Wycliffe Canada, says this about David’s work:

“We are experiencing a unique moment in Bible translation today, when the opportunities for acceleration are enormous. Two of the major factors in the rapid increase in the pace of translation are the breadth of collaboration and the relentless application of technology. David Duncan is uniquely positioned to participate in both trends. . .

Because of his background in technology, his quiet competence, his passion for local translators, and his bold advocacy, David is perfectly suited to lead the development of software that may prove to be a gamechanger in the world of Bible translation.”

David requires additional support at this time. By supporting David in his leadership with TBTA, you can be a part of revolutionizing Bible translation.

Your support will help:

  • Reduce the time needed to complete a Bible translation project by as much as 40%.
  • Make sure Scripture is translated accurately, and sounds natural.
  • Render Bible translation manageable for minority groups with barriers to education or resources.
  • Address bottlenecks in the Bible translation movement by lightening the load of Bible translation consultants.
  • Enable Bible translation initiatives to thrive in difficult settings.

Finishing and implementing TBTA means that millions more will gain access to God’s Word, and the good news of Jesus, within this generation. Will you support David as he leads this important initiative? Click the “Give Now” button to support David’s work in TBTA. 

About David:

David and his wife Neva joined Wycliffe in 1996, serving Bible translation by providing computer and software support for members and their national co-workers. David has also served as a OneBook project liaison, connecting with national translation partners in Kenya, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Neva recently retired to help care for her parents, while David has moved into an exciting leadership role with Wycliffe Canada’s new innovation space, Prescience Labs, where he is working on developing The Bible Translator’s Assistant software through OneBook.