John & Juanita Feniak

FENIAK, John and Juanita


John and Juanita both grew up in Alberta. They met at Southern Alberta Bible Camp in 1986 and married in 1987. John worked for many years in engineering and project management (including 2 yrs in Malaysia) and Juanita looked after the home and their four children. However, around 2003 they began to sense God’s call into missions and a new and exciting season of their lives began. As the Scriptures have been a cornerstone for both John and Juanita, joining Wycliffe Bible Translators was a natural fit. 

In 2004 John and Juanita moved their family to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they worked for 10 years in leadership and support roles for translation, training, and literacy work in the region (John), and serving in the missionary school, language survey, and other local church ministries (Juanita).  John is currently a Development Officer, connecting regularly with Wycliffe donors, while Juanita is a Member Care Adviser helping support our team of more than 300 staff members. John and Juanita are committed to these support roles to help ensure the field work is fruitful and Scriptures are translated, so that every language can have the Word of God.