Hakkolas 2023

HAKKOLA, Marko and Pauline


Marko and Pauline, Wycliffe Canada members since 1998, trained at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in Langley, B.C., where Marko graduated with a Master’s in Linguistics and Exegesis in 2000.

Passionate about the vision that everyone should have access to God’s Word in their own language, the Hakkolas work in Mali, West Africa, where Marko and Pauline have facilitated translation of Bible books and selections in two related languages, while ensuring that all translated Scripture is made accessible in every possible way. This includes radio programs, oral Bible storying, websites, a Scripture App, and the dubbing of the “JESUS” film. When in Canada, Pauline enjoys coaching fellow Wycliffe members as they discover their unique team of prayer and financial partners. Thank you for partnering with us today, in Jesus’ name!