HAMM, Cameron and Valerie

Cam is from Ryley, Alberta, and Valerie is from Richland, Washington. Cam joined Wycliffe in 1995 and Valerie in 2000. They have three children, Noah, Elly, and Jojo.

Cam and Valerie are part of a large team assigned to a cluster of 10 related languages in Cameroon, called the Ndop Cluster. The team’s goal is to train local Christians to complete the task of Bible translation in all 10 languages in the cluster. All the languages have alphabets and literacy programs, while seven languages have some portions of Scripture translated and published. 

Cam and Valerie’s present goal is to continue describing aspects of the grammar of the Bafanji language (Chufie’), and Cam plans to develop into a linguistics consultant. As they acquire a better understanding of the language, translators can be more aware of the unique capabilities of their languages to express the meaning of the Bible as it is translated. They work with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help give access to the Bible in minority languages of the world.

Recently, Cam and Valerie completed a year-long study program in Israel designed to equip them to do Old Testament translation and teach Hebrew to Bible translators.