Harms family 2023

HARMS, Jeff and Lenice

Jeff serves Wycliffe personnel as a coach, helping guide people through difficult decisions, transitions and helping people who are low on support. 

Lenice is working remotely with the Papuan Malay translation team in Indonesia, as a translation co-ordinator. Jeff and Lenice served in Indonesia from 2004-2019, where Jeff served as an aircraft mechanic.

Papuan Malay is spoken by more than two million people as a first language, in all the urban and coastal areas of Papua. It is also spoken by many others in Papua as a second language. The Papuan Malay New Testament is currently about 70 per cent complete, and they have started work on the Old Testament. Many church denominations are requesting more Sunday school materials in Papuan Malay, so the team is working hard on those as well. 

The Harms’ two oldest children, Amaris and Jonah, are married and working in their respective careers as teacher and ER nurse. Isaiah and Taletta are still at home.