Hyunmin & Guiju Hong

HONG, Hyunmin (Joseph) and Guiju (Ju)


Hyunmin (Joseph) and Guiju (Ju) joined Wycliffe Canada in 2003. Since then, they have served at Wycliffe USA’s office in Orlando, Fla. (2004 – 2008), the Wycliffe Global Alliance office in Singapore (2008 – 2010), the Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific office in Manila, Philippines (2011 – 2016) and the Global Bible Translators in Korea (2017 – currently).

Joseph and Ju research and provide training to local churches and seminaries on topics like Mission of God and Church, Missional Life of God’s People, Missional Interpretation of the Bible, Intercultural Communication & Leadership and Early Church. They are passionate to see the whole gospel translated into all languages that still need it and carried to the whole world by the whole church.