HONSBERGER, Murray and Carol

South Pacific

Murray (from Waterloo, Ont.) and Carol (Altona, Man.) went to Papua New Guinea in 1989. They began their work among the Kwomtari, a hunter-gatherer people group in the Sepik rainforest, in 1990.

Murray works with a team of four men co-ordinating the translation of God’s Word into the Kwomtari language. He enjoys researching the texts in order to help the translators understand the source meaning so they can translate accurately.

Carol’s energy has been poured into literacy materials development and training for the vernacular elementary teachers. Most recently, she held a course teaching women how to teach other women to read. Many hours have also been spent assisting the Kwomtari with their medical needs—especially basic health care teaching and childbirth.

In order to promote Scripture use and encourage pastors, they co-ordinated a series of Oral Bible Storytelling workshops. Participants from three neighbouring languages were invited as well. Key stories from the Old and New Testament were learned in the cultural style, along with biblical background teaching. The pastors are now using these stories for evangelism and discipleship—and they are getting excited about Christ as they engage with His dynamic Word in their mother tongues!

The Honsbergers desire to be faithful, not simply in the work they do, but in their lives before the Kwomtari so that they will see Jesus. Murray and Carol would love to have you join them in this pursuit through your prayer and financial support.

Their four adult children, two of whom are married, are all currently living in Canada. Murray and Carol have five grandchildren.