Alan Hood

HOOD, Alan


There are a few significant milestones in Alan’s life that stand out: becoming a Christian at 23; his marriage to Loverna at 25; becoming a member of Wycliffe at 27 and going to Papua New Guinea in 1988 to serve in construction at age 29.  

“When I joined Wycliffe,” says Alan, “I believed that the Bible made a difference in people’s lives, just as it had in Loverna’s and mine.  Now, after more than 30 years of service, I not only still believe this, but I have met and talked to countless people that have had their lives changed by it.”

Alan recalls a pastor’s wife in Chad,  who said after receiving a New Testament in her language, “Before when we said something to the men, they said that it was just woman’s talk. But now that we have the Word of God, the men are listening.”

Alan did not know in 1988 that he would serve in Papua New Guinea for 16 years as a builder, carpenter trainer and construction project manager and Loverna as a physiotherapist. But he says their commitment grew as a result of their time there.  All three of their children, Thomas, Miriam and Elizabeth, grew up in PNG. Upon returning to Canada in 2004, Alan was asked to serve as a staff photographer with Wycliffe Canada.

“As a photographer, it is like being God’s eyes and showing Bible-believing Christians in Canada the people on the frontlines of Bible translation, literacy and Scripture use, and those with whom they work.  These frontline workers are difference–makers who very often see themselves as insignificant, but the work they are doing is significant.

“The result is that Canadians are able to engage in Wycliffe Canada’s part in the mission of God through prayer, financial gifts and even going themselves.

“God is at work and I invite you to join me on this adventure by engaging in partnership with our ministry.”