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INGLIS, Doug and Connie

Southeast Asia

Doug and Connie, originally from Abbotsford, B.C., joined Wycliffe in 1986 and serve as Bible translators and linguistic consultants (in Asia since 1990). They have three children who grew up overseas: Mykal-Beth (married to Chris Lawson), Kendra (married to Mitch McDougall), and James. They also have three grandchildren. 

The Inglises have served in translation, linguistics and literacy with the Molbog people of the Philippines and the Ngochang people of Mainland Southeast Asia. Currently Doug, who has a PhD in linguistics, is associated with Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand, teaching and training Asian nationals, translating the New Testament for the Khamti people, and serving as a linguistics consultant. Connie edits prayer material for Wycliffe’s key partner, SIL (Mainland Southeast Asia Group), writes a blog sharing her experience as an expat worker in Asia, and is completing a novel, roughly based on their work in Asia.