Martin & Beate Knauber

KNAUBER, Martin and Beate

Martin and Beate are from Germany and have been members of Wycliffe since 1982, the same year as they got married. Since then their family has grown to four children and nine grandchildren . . . and counting 🙂

In 1988 they went to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to live among the Dawawa people, where they began their ministry as linguists and Bible translators. Their work started out as a traditional project with language work, translation, literacy and later teachers’ training. Beate also did a lot of medical work in PNG as a licensed nurse. In 1998 they completed a hymn book and in 2003 they celebrated the dedication of the Dawawa New Testament.

Over the course of their ministry among the Dawawa, they founded 7 local schools and were blessed to witness a tribal conversion in 2016, where the entire language group came together to publicly renounce spirit worship and dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

After the dedication of the NT, they served as regional directors of East Papua where they also started a multi language project in 2005.

In 2007 the Knaubers took on a new assignment to head up the NT translation for the Hutterite people in the USA and Canada.

Martin and Beate continue to be involved with the translation of the Dawawa Old Testament and currently conduct their work among the Dawawa and the Hutterites from Abbotsford, BC.

Martin’s main role is currently that of an International Translation Consultant and Beate also serves as a Certified Christian Conciliator. In this role, she conducts mediations for families and churches, but mainly teaches seminars in Biblical Conflict Resolution in Canada and other countries around the world.