Brent lives in Calgary, where his work at Wycliffe’s Canadian headquarters helps in the exciting task of transforming the hearts of minority language groups through the translated Word of God.

Currently, he is involved in an Internet publishing service, an initiative to enhance Bible distribution online through the Internet and mobile phones.

Brent’s ministry with Wycliffe began in 2006, working with the language software development team in the Calgary office. The team’s focus was on providing applications that help linguists and translators to organize and analyze languages and prepare the results for publication. Their team worked on a program called FieldWorks, which provides linguists with tools to perform common language documentation and analysis tasks. It also provides tools for Bible translators to enter, edit, and check Scripture in a vernacular language.

“It’s exciting to know that the work we do will have eternal significance,” says Brent. “These applications will have a part in the publication of Scriptures and other literacy materials, transforming people of every nation, tribe, and tongue by fostering the understanding of God’s Word.”