Brent McCarthy 2023



Brent spent a short time as a “missionary kid” or MK in Thailand, after which he spent most of his life in Alberta. He has a long family heritage of faith, which includes his aunt Joy who served with Wycliffe for more than 50 years. Her impact and life circumstances led Brent to join Wycliffe in 2005.

Brent has always loved computer systems and programming, and is blessed by the work that Wycliffe does, with the enabling of the Spirit, to spread the gospel through technology. Just as the Lord used the Gutenberg printing press to spread the gospel in Europe, He is now using new technologies to reach the ends of the world. Brent’s first assignment was working on Fieldworks (FLEx), which consisted of software tools to help manage linguistic and cultural data. Recently, he has been working with Internet Publishing Service (IPS). As a global effort, Wycliffe partners with language communities by empowering them to create and manage culturally-specific websites and mobile apps that enable people to engage effectively with Scripture, literacy, and cultural material in languages they know well.