MCLEAN, Greg and Tracy


Greg and Tracy grew up in Ontario. They joined Wycliffe Canada in 2000 while completing their master’s degrees in applied linguistics and exegesis. After studying French in Quebec, they went to Cameroon where they have been serving since 2004. They lived for more than a decade in a remote village, where they worked with the Mfumte people.

Greg is a linguist. He supports the work of Bible translation by helping minority language communities in Cameroon to develop alphabets, grammars and dictionaries. He is currently working on his PhD in linguistics.

Tracy has served in the areas of language program management and training. She served on the SIL Cameroon board for several years, including serving as the board chair. SIL is a key partner of Wycliffe. Tracy recently accepted the role of Instructional Materials Developer for SIL Francophone Africa.

Greg and Tracy are currently in Canada and plan to work remotely in 2023, supporting language development in Cameroon and Francophone Africa. They have three teenage children.