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MORK, Jon and Jill

South Pacific

Jon and Jill joined Wycliffe in 1989. Since 1993, they have been serving Bible translation through aviation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

Jon spent his first 12 years in Japan, where his dad was a missionary pastor. Jill grew up in northern Ontario. They arrived in PNG with two young daughters and their third daughter was born there. The older two are now working in Canada, while the youngest is attending university. 

Of the more than 800 languages in PNG, there are now less than 300 still waiting for God’s Word in a language they understand best. Aviation is essential in PNG, as there are few roads and many language groups are in very remote areas. Jon is currently a pilot and flies translators and their supplies to the villages where they work. He has served as chief pilot, training manager and ground operations manager. 

Jill is working in the personnel office as an administrative assistant. She has served in the school libraries and the aviation department. They would love to have you join their ministry team through prayer and/or financial partnership, as they help bring God’s Word to those who still do not have access to it in their heart language.