MURPHEY, Chuck and Jocelyn


Chuck and Jocelyn are both passionate about seeing the Bible translated into vernacular languages so that it can be used in indigenous-led, Spirit-filled churches, worship, and so much more. Their mission is to see people transformed by Scripture through reading it in a language they can understand!

To fulfil their vision, the Murpheys joined Wycliffe in 2022 and are pursuing work in South America with SIL, Wycliffe’s key partner organization, in Brazil. There they plan on providing linguistics training to national colleagues, linguistic analysis of indigenous languages, and language survey of those language groups still needing Scripture. Their time will be divided between working in partnership with one of Wycliffe’s global partners—Associação Linguística Evangélica Missionária (ALEM)—and planning/executing survey trips to various indigenous Brazilian groups that still need Scripture in their language.

Both Chuck and Jocelyn graduated from Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) and have since worked with Indigenous Canadian groups in several provinces. Through their work with several Aboriginal communities, they’ve seen communities uplifted by connecting to their language and culture. They both have experience teaching and training others—Jocelyn through teaching as part of an Indigenous language program at the University of Northern British Columbia, and Chuck through teaching several classes at CanIL that are helping train the next generation of Bible translators and linguists.