NICOLLE, Steve and Ali


Steve and Ali are originally from the United Kingdom and have been based at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL), Wycliffe’s training partner at Trinity Western University, since August 2013. Steve is the director of the MA in Linguistics and Translation Program and Ali serves as the Academic Administration Co-ordinator. They are excited to be part of a team training field workers for the ministry of Bible translation, literacy and language development across the globe.

Prior to this, the Nicolles spent almost 15 years in Kenya, where they were privileged to be part of the Digo language project and to experience firsthand all aspects of a literacy and translation program. The Digo New Testament was dedicated in 2007 and the whole Bible was launched in May 2021.

As a linguistics and translation consultant, Steve has led workshops, worked face-to-face with translators across Africa and beyond, and has given input into the development of more than 80 individual languages. From 2007 to 2013 Steve taught at Africa International University (Nairobi) and continues to lead training in Africa on a regular basis, both face-to-face and via e-learning. He also continues to publish and present regularly in the field of Bantu linguistics and discourse analysis.

Steve and Ali have three children: Hannah, Katrina and Danny.