PENNER, Kevin and Laurel


Kevin and Laurel have three children, Kyle, Gabrielle and Daniela. The Penners joined Wycliffe in 1999, and in January 2003, initiated a Bible translation project for the Ixtayutla Mixtec (ISO 639-3: vmj) people in Oaxaca, Mexico. Due to a family health crisis, they relocated to Canada in 2006, but carried on the project primarily through Internet connectivity and periodic trips back to Mexico to work with a team of Mixtec translators. During their time in Canada, Kevin also began working on a PhD in linguistics, which he completed in January 2019. They are now in Mexico working on the New Testament translation with their Mixtec colleagues, and serving the Mexico Branch of SIL, Wycliffe’s key partner organization, in various roles: Kevin as a linguistics consultant and the linguistics co-ordinator, and Laurel as a manuscript editor and language acquisition coach.