Ramirez family

RAMIREZ, Natasha


Natasha grew up on a farm in central Alberta. It was there, with her dad’s Pentax film camera, that she fell in love with photography. After graduating from high school, Natasha studied photojournalism at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary.

Natasha never imagined that her passion for photography would lead to missions. However, after a short time working for a newspaper in central Alberta, she discovered Wycliffe in 2009 and started volunteering as a photo librarian. Soon she understood the need and value of Bible translation. She became a member when she realized she could use her photography skills to share about the staggering need for Bible translation for minority languages across the world.

In 2019, Natasha transitioned into the role of internship co-ordinator. In this position, she walks alongside students as they explore, prepare for and leave for internships with Wycliffe, allowing them to see first hand the work of Bible translation and the unique part they can play in building God’s Kingdom.

Natasha loves that her role allows her to get to know students as they are exploring where God is calling them and see them play an active meaningful role during their internship, supporting and encouraging our staff and partners in the work of Bible translation worldwide.

Natasha and her husband and three children enjoy finding and eating good chorizos, and avoiding European bakeries (for the sake of their health), while discovering the ways the gospel transcends backgrounds and cultures.