Royer, Kent & Brenda 2022

ROYER, Kent and Brenda


Kent came to know the Lord through a Bible believing church, but admits he spent considerable time measuring what he heard against the Scriptures. Ultimately, the Lord used this commitment to the value of Scripture to call him and Brenda into service with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Kent firmly believes that if he has access to Scripture in his language, why shouldn’t everyone have that privilege? Brenda grew up in a Bible believing Church and has always valued God’s Word. Together they have served Wycliffe Canada for over 27 years in middle management roles.

Kent is the oldest son of three boys and was raised on an irrigation farm in southern Alberta.  Brenda is the youngest of six and was raised on a dryland farm in southern Saskatchewan. In 1980, Kent moved to Medicine Hat to begin a new job and met Brenda when he opened up a bank account at the bank where she was employed. After a brief courtship, they were married in October of 1981.

Early in 1995, God confirmed a call on their lives to serve in missions. They became Wycliffe Canada members later that year. In August 1996, the Royer’s moved to Cameroon, where they began their first assignment serving at the African Orientation Course (AOC). After their first term in Cameroon they were asked to take on the Directorship of AOC. They often say they had the best jobs in all of Cameroon, because they not only got to work alongside so many quality people who were beginning their careers in missions, but they also loved the African team that worked alongside them. They enjoyed the many opportunities to travel and meet Cameroonians from all parts of that diverse country. They have since served in various support roles in Wycliffe Canada.

Kent now serves the Travel Risk Manager for Wycliffe Canada, advising members through Risk Assessments about the risks of traveling and serving in their country of assignment.  Our people are our most precious asset, and having them well informed in this era of quickly changing risk environments is crucial to their personal safety and decision making.  He represents Wycliffe Canada on the SIL Global Security Risk Management team. He is also serving as Response Team member on the international Child Safety team, and working into the role of Child Safety Officer for Wycliffe Canada. Brenda has been on a Leave of Absence since suffering a severe concussion in February 2022. Her recovery is progressing, and her leave ends in the spring of 2023.

Kent and Brenda have three adult children and five grandchildren. Tellisa and her husband Jim live in Medicine Hat, Alta., where they are raising Elias, Liana and Jaine to know and follow Jesus. Curtis and his wife Karla live in Rocky Mountain House, Alta., where Curt works as an emergency medical technician and Karla works and teaches as a seamstress. The last few years they have been working at Northern Lights Lodge in Likely, B.C.  Landon is married to Katelyn and they reside in Langley, B.C., where they are mom and dad to Madelaine (Maddy) and Jonas. Landon is the General Manager of a company specializing in supplying food processing equipment, and Katelyn is a kindergarten school teacher.