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SALKELD, Valerie


Since Valerie and Laird Salkeld joined Wycliffe in 2001, they have held a variety of roles.

Valerie has served in the prayer ministries department. Her vision is to provide spiritual enrichment to Wycliffe members in Calgary and across the globe through weekly chapel time, retreats, days of prayer, intercession and spiritual direction.

“We cannot give what we do not own,” explains Valerie. “Like the Israelites in the desert who didn’t have a written word (individually), they relied on coming together to observe practices to remind them of who they were and what their mission was. Spiritual formation prevents us from becoming a business of translation; our jobs are fulfilled from a passion for the Word in our lives, which validates us to encourage formation in the lives of people in other language groups.”

Valerie says she believes in Bible translation because she has seen what has done in her own life.

“I love the vision to see a world where translated Scriptures lead to transformed lives among people of all languages, because the Word of God is so vital for transformation in my own life.”

Before transitioning to a volunteer role in 2016, Laird spent his career in the communications department as a graphic designer and the department’s director. Laird also played a lot of table hockey during his tenure at Wycliffe, winning the league championship five times. This brings him great pride and joy.

Laird has a heart for Bible translation because he sees “so much valuable information” contained in the Scriptures, which he is convinced is best understood by someone in their own language.

“My heart for Bible translation has changed, and not changed,” explains Laird. “It has changed in that I am far more informed and realistic about how this work is done and the complexity of it. It has not changed in that I am as passionate as the day I first learned about this work God does through Wycliffe. 

“I like to think my marketing and communications role transformed some people’s perception of Bible translation and Wycliffe. I know I was transformed as I acquired a realistic view of my role within the larger work; a realism that has served me well in order to get one what matters most.”