Tom & Beth Scott

SCOTT, Tom and Beth

The Scotts began working with the Oji-Cree community of Kingfisher Lake in 2018. After living in the community on two separate occasions for four months each time, the Scotts plan to return to Kingfisher for the summer of 2023.

Originally from New England, Tom was inspired by the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators from a young age. After graduating from the Canada Institute of Linguistics, he taught ESL for a number of years before marrying Beth and settling down in Stratford, Ontario.

Tom works alongside the Oji-Cree Bible translation team in Kingfisher Lake. He helps the team navigate translation issues so that Oji-Cree speakers across Northern Ontario and Manitoba can encounter the gospel in their own language. Tom also works with the local language committee to help the community achieve their language goals.

When the Scotts are in Kingfisher, Beth works as a family doctor at the local clinic. Together with their three kids, the Scotts enjoy building relationships with friends and co-workers in Kingfisher. They also seek to build friendship and mutual understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities while in the north and back home in Southern Ontario.