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A native of Windsor, Ont., Larry joined Wycliffe Canada in 1986 and has been serving in Cameroon since 1988.

Over the years, Larry has served in a variety of roles, ranging from sociolinguistic surveyor and linguistics researcher to training co-ordinator and director of language services. Since February 2017, he has been co-ordinating the Community Engagement and Sociolinguistics department, with a focus on capacity-building in two major areas:

  • Enhancing the engagement of local language communities in Bible translation and language development projects. This includes regularly holding community-level seminars called “The Language and Identity Journey” and training workshops in “Community-Based Language and Identity Development” and “Participatory Methods for Engaging Communities.”
  • Helping co-ordinate a leadership development and mentoring program for Wycliffe’s field partner, SIL Cameroon, so that SIL’s ministries to Cameroon’s language communities can continue well into the future under an enthusiastic and well-equipped new generation.

Through his contribution, Larry’s desire is to see churches in Cameroon equipped to proclaim the gospel and instruct believers in the faith, using the languages that speak most directly to them.