Rodion & family

SVET, Rodion and Elena

Rodion and Elena joined Wycliffe Canada in 2023 when they transferred from another Wycliffe organization. Elena served in West Africa from 2008 to 2012 as a linguist. Not long after getting married (in 2012) Rodion joined Wycliffe to work with indigenous people in northern Eurasia and later in South Eurasia.

In 2019, when Rodion and Elena saw the great need in the region, they moved to Eurasia with their two children, Oleg and Mira. They helped in managing the projects there, but in 2023, they had to relocate again due to war in the region. Currently they are based in British Columbia.

Their third child, Emma, was born in Canada. Their goal is to continue overseeing projects in Eurasia, remotely.