David and Henny Thormoset



David and Henny became members of Wycliffe Canada in the fall of 1993. While building their support team, they served in the Calgary office for one year before moving to Cameroon in 1997. David worked in the SIL* and CABTAL* linguistics and computer departments and alongside the Aghem and Mpumpong language communities, helping them develop their alphabets and begin literacy programs and Bible translation. Henny taught skills in linguistics, culture and language acquisition, leadership, management and adult education, while also serving in governance roles with SIL Cameroon Branch and Wycliffe Canada.

Since returning to Calgary in 2014, David has served in the Field Partnerships department, first giving leadership to the team of liaisons who connect directly with global partner organizations and, more recently, as the director of project administration. Both roles are focused on helping Wycliffe’s partners around the world reach their increasingly ambitious goals in Bible translation, literacy, Scripture use and multilingual education. David ensures the smooth flow of accurate field reporting and financial information to other Wycliffe departments, and thereby to intercessors and donors.

Once back in Calgary, Henny served as director of Church Connections and then as vice-president of Equipping until March 2017. She then worked 20 hours per month on partnership development, connecting with their personal prayer and financial partners. The rest of her time was devoted to writing their story, in the form of narrative nonfiction, focusing on the theme of fruitfulness in God’s mission. She also trained to become a governance coach but just as she was ready to move into that role, she received a cancer diagnosis. Five months later, on May 23, 2021, Henny passed into the presence of her beloved Lord and Saviour.

David and Henny enjoyed reading the Bible together each morning in different versions and languages and believed that everyone should be able to read or hear the Scriptures in a version and language they understand well. Thank you to all those who’ve been standing with them during the past 27 years, helping minority-language speakers translate God’s Word for their own linguistic communities. David will continue in his role to help make that happen.

*SIL and *CABTAL, Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy, are among the 100+ partner organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance.