Philippines language group dedicates New Testament

This past April, the Romblomanon people of the Philippines dedicated a translation of the New Testament in their language.

The Romblomanon people number about 106,000, living mainly on the several islands which comprise the province of Romblon in central Philippines. Although most claim to be Christian, traditional animism and witchcraft still influence the lives and practices of the people.

On Romblom Island, church and community groups celebrated the arrival of the Romblomanon New Testament with a parade through town. Visitors and members of participating churches held banners and waved the new Bibles while marching together.

More than a dozen foreign visitors attended the event, including representatives from Wycliffe’s office in Singapore. Phyllis Rappa, a former secretary with Wycliffe Singapore, played a key role in the translation project before her death in 2017.

Rappa began working in the Romblomanon project in 1993. Two years later, she was joined by Rence and Pauline Law from Hong Kong. They all worked alongside local translators on the team.

Following the dedication event, Bibles were available for purchase and volunteers helped people to download digital apps for reading the translated Scriptures.

Source: Wycliffe Singapore website