Print a Bible for a Peruvian today!

Will you celebrate with us? After years of translation and review, the Eastern Apurímac Quechua Bible is complete! What a milestone! 

Now the local team only needs to print and distribute the Bibles. 

It costs just $26 to print an Eastern Apurímac Quechua Bible. Will you partner with us to print these new Bibles in Peru?

There's a great demand for these printed Bibles.

Since the publication of the New Testament in 2013, over 70 new churches have been planted in this area. More and more people are giving their lives to Christ, and desiring to read the Scriptures in their own language. 

You’ll help Eastern Apurímac Quechua speakers encounter Jesus Christ in their language for the very first time.

Beyond printing a Bible, your $26 gift will have a far-reaching impact.

By giving, you will:

  • Help transform Quechua communities. Just think of the long-lasting effect of your gift: thousands of people can come to faith through translated Scripture, for generations to come!
  • Take part in a historic moment. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Andes mountains of Peru will soon be able to access the full counsel of God’s Word for the first time, in the language that speaks to their heart.
  • Encourage believers who have waited for years to access the complete Scriptures in their language.

Join us and help provide 5,000 Bibles to the Eastern Apurímac speakers in the Andes today!

“The truth of the gospel in your language provides incredible hope. Hearing the Bible in another language may have some impact, but hearing the Bible in your mother tongue, singing in your mother tongue, can transform your entire life.”

- Pastor Luis Cervantes, the director of AIDIA, our Quechua Bible translation partner in Peru

“I was in very bad health bedridden. One day when I was in that situation, I turned on my radio and heard the Word of God in Quechua. That day the Word of God reached my heart in a way that I cannot explain. That night I cried. I understood the Almighty God loved me and sent his Son to die on the cross for me. That was really a gift for me. From that night, I began to tune the radio every night from Monday to Friday to hear the Bible read in Quechua. 

After several months, I decided to look for a church to congregate. No one preached to me. I found the Lord by just listening to the Word of God on the radio. Now, because I believe in Jesus, I choose baptism. I know that Christ is my Saviour. I also know that when I die I will be with him because that is what he promised us in his Word.”

- Sister Matiasa Tapia