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Deep in the rainforest of Peru, some 12,000 Southern Pastaza and Northern Pastaza Quechua people dwell along the banks of two main rivers. In 1997, the Southern Pastaza New Testament was published. However, with the passage of time, copies of the New Testament are in short supply and additional copies are unavailable for purchase. Northern Pastaza speakers, on the other hand, have no translated Scriptures at all. 

AIDIA, the “Interdenominational Association for the Holistic Development of Apurímac,” is a ministry working in Peru to see Quechua people transformed by the Word of God in their languages. Their work includes translation, literacy, and leadership training for pastors and Sunday school teachers. Wycliffe Canada has been partnering with AIDIA for many years. Now that the Bible in Eastern Apurímac Quechua is about to be printed, we want to come alongside AIDIA as they expand their ministry into the Amazon rainforest. Through the AIDIA Pastaza Initiative, local teams, with the supervision of expert translation consultants, are finally making the full Bible available in Northern and Southern Pastaza. To this end,  a complete revision of the Southern Pastaza New Testament, an adaptation of the Southern Pastaza New Testament to the Northern Pastaza, and selected Old Testament scriptures will be available in just a few years.

The teams will also promote Scripture use in Pastaza-speaking churches and communities. This will be done by translating Bible-based reading materials and hymnals, teaching mother-tongue literacy, and equipping pastors in leadership and specific skills to use the translated Scriptures in their ministry. The team will be using methods that have proven effective and yielded phenomenal Bible literacy growth with the Peruvian Apurímac Quechuas.

The AIDIA Pastaza team

With your support, these two indigenous communities will gain access to the full counsel of God’s Word. You will also help equip them to meaningfully engage with the translated Scriptures as they become available. 

With your help, AIDIA will work with local Christians to:

  • Translate the entire Bible into two Quechua languages: South Pastaza and North Pastaza. As a first stage, the New Testament will be fully revised for South Pastaza, The North Pastaza will have an adaptation of the South Pastaza. 
  • Conduct survey work to identify needs. To begin the project, the team has completed comprehensive survey work with local leaders. This allowed them to better understand the linguistic features of both languages, as well the two communities’ self-identified needs. 
  • Teach literacy. Literacy programs in their own languages and literacy materials, such as dictionaries, provide education. Literacy also prepares the soil of the heart for the Bible’s impact.
  • Promote engagement with Scripture. The team will encourage the use of translated Scriptures in both language groups through the translation of songs, evangelism booklets, discipleship studies, and more. These will equip locals to study and apply God’s Word.
  • Share the gospel in creative ways. To eliminate language barriers to the Good News, a variety of audiovisual media are being created and distributed. Translated portions of the Bible will even be promoted on local radio stations! Once translation work is finished, audio recordings of the Bible will be produced and distributed. This will be especially meaningful for illiterate individuals. The team will also train locals to share Bible stories orally. 
  • Equip local Christian leaders. Leaders will be trained in evangelism and discipleship. They will be equipped to plant new churches and be effective in their various ministries. The team will also train Sunday school teachers and provide a translated curriculum for children and youth. Day camps, Bible schools and retreats will be provided for children.


  • In the fall of 2023, the AIDIA Pastaza team held training for Sunday school teachers in both Northern and Southern Pastaza communities. The training sessions successfully equipped teachers to use discipleship materials with about 130 children.
  • Following the training sessions, Southern Pastaza teachers launched a Sunday school in the dining room of the lead pastor’s house. This served as a “model” class based on the training. Since then, 12 to 15 local children have gathered weekly to learn from God’s Word.

Pray for success and safe travels for the Wycliffe Canada team visit in May.


  • Visit the project periodically to monitor progress, address challenges, and help ensure good stewardship of resources
  • Send you regular updates to keep you informed of progress, financial needs, and prayer requests
  • Send you an annual tax receipt for your donations
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  • 2024-25|$134,090