Ride for Ndop

Bert and Wilma Visser served in Cameroon, Africa for 19 years. They desire to continue supporting the ministry there, and thus are organising a “Ride for Ndop” on September 25 – a 50 km bike ride to raise funds for Ndop. The Ndop Cluster is a project supported by Wycliffe Canada. The project includes literacy, capacity building, Bible translation and Scripture engagement. There are 10 languages implicated. We are encouraged by the local ownership, the sacrifice of the nationals and expatriates serving there, and the positive impact of this project. The area has suffered from civil unrest for over five years, and yet the ministry continues.


Support our Ride for Ndop

Ride date: September 25, 2021

Located on the Ndop Plain of northwest Cameroon, the Ndop Cluster project is moving Bible translation forward in nine related languages. In a 10th language which already has the New Testament, teams are helping Christians and others in local communities to become literate and engage with the translated Scriptures.