Double your impact this summer

Get a new Bible translation initiative off the ground!
The first $65,000 donated will be matched.

Just imagine reading the words of Jesus in your language for the very first time.

This summer, you can give someone that opportunity by supporting the fledgling AIDIA Pastaza Bible translation work, in Peru. A dedicated group of Peruvian believers is starting to translate Scripture for two language groups–and they need your help!

Will you share the gift of God’s Word? Your gift will be matched! For every $1 you give, $2 will go towards Bible translation related ministries.

Your support this summer will:

  • Resource workers so they can focus on translating the entire Bible into two languages, Northern and Southern Pastaza.

  • Share hope with communities facing low literacy rates, and marginalization.

  • Transform lives as Pastaza people encounter God’s Word in the language they understand best.

  • Have double the impact. The first $65,000 given toward the AIDIA Pastaza project will be matched!

“We used to feel like we were less important Christians, because we don’t have our own Bible. We’re hopeful that this will change now.”

– River, a pastor and Bible translator in the AIDIA Pastaza project in Peru.