Ukulele Praise

Length 00:29 What does John 14:6 sound like in a minority language? This brief vignette shows a young boy playing and singing this verse in Folopa, his mother tongue. This is part of the video collection “A Light in the Jungle.

Managing Relationships

Managing Relationships

Length 3:45 Brian got more than he bargained for, in the best possible way. He was single when he started his…

Cette grande histoire1200_This Grand Story French

Cette grande histoire

Durée 2:13 Qui est la Wycliffe? Que fait-elle et qui sert-elle? Vous pourriez être surpris! Faites un petit tour dans le…

God is Moving_Posterframe-1

God is Moving

Length 0:37 A brief, but lively opener that describes our vision and helps set the stage for Wycliffe mission events,…


Bible Translation

Length 0:50 How many people need the Bible translated in the language they understand best? What forms are Bibles distributed…