Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.

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Bill & Lori Gardner

Please pray for Lori and Bill as they finish up packing. After 4 years...
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Bert and Wilma Visser

“What is Re-Entry? Re-entry is the experience a person has once they r...
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"Prayer does not fit us for greater works," wrote author and teacher Oswald Chambers. "Prayer is the greater work...."

Bible translation and related ministries are God's work. We want to be listening to Him, relying on His strength and reflecting His heart of love for the people we serve. To that end, we deeply value your prayers for Wycliffe’s staff and projects. We invite you to pray for the people featured here, and to use the prayer resources we are pleased to offer.

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怎樣為聖經未及之民禱告 Praying for Bibleless Peoples (Chinese Version)

全球有超過 2,000 個語言族群仍未得著母語聖經。這資源可幫助你為這些群體禱告,讓他們存著敞開的心領受翻譯成他們母語的神的話。(譯本來源:香港威克理夫聖經翻譯會)