A Win-win Situation

Learning to read better herself, a Quechua teacher instructs others too.

After attending literacy training workshops run by AIDIA, Wycliffe Canada’s partner in Peru, 22-year-old Luz Marina is now serving as a voluntary literacy teacher in her community. Now that she is teaching in her Eastern Apurímac Quechua mother tongue, Luz is much more motivated to read so she won’t look bad in front of her class.

“So every day I read the Bible in Quechua and sing songs to improve my reading and writing skills. Now I not only read better, but also I understand the Word of God better,” she explains. “I am very happy to teach my people how to read and write.”

Luz’s class includes children, adolescents, youth and adults. Spurred on by reading contests, they are all learning together how to read much better in their heart language.

“This is a win-win situation,” Luz says. “I like that.”

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