KORTEN, Adrian and Beatrice


Adrian grew up on a small farm in southwest Ontario. He first worked as a computer programmer with businesses in Ontario. He worked as a guest helper with Wycliffe New Zealand in 1991. After this experience, he realized he could use his programming skills in missions. Adrian began working in the Wycliffe Calgary office in 1993.

Beatrice comes from Switzerland. Bea worked in a bank for a few years. She sensed a call to missions and connected with Wycliffe through a missionary in her home church. She then went to Calgary for a short term assignment in finance (1996-1997). During this time, she met Adrian and they were engaged to be married.

After getting married, they took some training to prepare for an overseas assignment. They were seconded to a Wycliffe partner organization (SIL) and began office support work in Bangkok, Thailand. They have three children who were born in Bangkok: Elisha (Jonny), Micah and Larissa. In 2012, Adrian began work as the finance manager in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In June 2020, they returned to Calgary with their family. Bea resumed a role in finance, specifically receipts. Adrian also works in finance as an analyst. He is assigned to general finance as well as international project funding finances. He also has a small role as an adviser to the current finance manager in Thailand. Adrian enjoys the connections with their former colleagues as he sees continued development of national staff and programs.

The Kortens pray that their skills and talents, as well as their overseas experience and relationships, will be a blessing and asset while serving in Canada.