20190529 Dawson and Pat Tennant

TENNANT, Dawson and Pat


Dawson and Pat are pleased to serve out of the Wycliffe Calgary office in various roles which support the global work of Bible translation. They have two grown sons. Joseph, their eldest, is married to Hannah and they live in Calgary with their first child, Mary. David, always an adventurer, is getting settled in Europe.

Dawson manages the Language Technology Team, which makes software for translators and linguists. He also serves as a field partner liaison with the Silk Road Ascent project. Pat serves part time with Wycliffe Canada’s prayer department, rustling up prayer for the work of Bible translation around the world, and helping build prayerfulness within Wycliffe Canada.  She also serves part time as prayer co-ordinator for the I55 group—serving Bible translation ministries in the area of West Asia where they formerly worked. These roles enable linguists and translators around the world to thrive in their work of bringing the transforming Word of God to people who speak languages that are lacking Bible translations.

Dawson was raised in Edmonton, Alta. Pat is from Oakville, Ont. They met in Langley, B.C. at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) in 1993 and were married in 1996. After that they continued to serve at CanIL for almost two years. Pat was an administrative assistant and an instructor. Dawson served in computer network management, finances, and occasionally he taught. In 1998 they moved to West Asia for an assignment in linguistics and translation, and returned to live in Canada in 2013. They have been serving at the Wycliffe Canada headquarters ever since.

Thank you for partnering with the Tennants as they serve to support Bible translation ministries  around the world.