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TIBBIT, Roy and Rose


Roy was born in England. In 1948, his parents moved to Zambia to live. Rose was born in South Africa, but when she was 13 she moved to Zambia with her parents. The Tibbits were married in Zambia in 1970 and then went to Canada,  where Roy attended Ontario Bible College. They joined Wycliffe Canada in 1971.

For 15 years, the Tibbits served in the Philippines. Roy managed the Bagabag translation centre, building homes for missionaries living at the centre and in their village allocations and doing maintenance. Later on, he moved into administration, management and finances. Rose worked in the radio department, looked after the needs of the transient missionaries through arranging accommodation, buying supplies and serving in many other ways.

Together, they also held Bible studies for friends in the local community and ran a children’s home for missionary kids who stayed on the centre for schooling.

Following their time in the Philippines, Roy and Rose served with Wycliffe in Colombia, South America.  Initially, they lived in Wycliffe’s jungle centre in southern Colombia, but due to security issues they were forced to evacuate to the capital city of Bogotá. During their time in the capital, Roy established and managed a new computer department and helped missionaries re-establish themselves in different parts of Colombia. Rose helped out at the missionary school and also in the publicity department. Together they held Bible studies in the local community and ministered through hospitality.

In between these assignments, they spent considerable amounts of time in Canada as representatives for Wycliffe in Peterborough, Ont.

For the past 10 years, the Tibbits have been working with Wycliffe in South Africa. Their first assignment was to manage the mission guest house and buying service in Kempton Park that assisted Wycliffe missionaries in Mozambique.

Currently, they are helping in publications and in prayer and encouragement of team members.

“We have seen the work expanding at an incredible pace,” says Roy, “and have been so thankful to have been a vital part of what God is doing in southern Africa.”

The Tibbits adopted two children, John and Joy. During their assignment in South Africa, they helped care for their grandchildren, Mariah and Thalya, full time for more than seven years.