TRICK, Doug and Phyllis


Doug and Phyllis grew up in Manitoba and met while studying at Providence College. Doug had begun studying there with a view to serving as a pastor. He frequently heard about how God was at work around the world, but he thought that his limited ability at learning another language meant that he should stick with English. (He had no idea at the time that learning a language, while experiencing life and community in that language and culture, is a totally different thing than what he’d gone through in elementary school and even in college!) In his final year at college, he heard for the first time that millions of people still have no Scripture in their language. Having grown deeply in his relationship with God through studying Scripture at Providence, he found it unimaginable that so many people groups were still waiting for a translation.

After Bible college, Doug and Phyllis studied linguistics and Bible translation, and in 1981 began serving in the Philippines. During their 25 years there, they worked with local people in translating Scripture and in other areas of language development. Doug also taught in a program equipping Asians in Bible translation.

Since 2006, Doug and Phyllis have been working from Canada. Doug teaches Bible translation courses in a program offered by Wycliffe Canada’s training partner, the Canada Institute of Linguistics, in co-operation with Trinity Western University and ACTS Seminaries. Phyllis continues to work long-distance on the translation project, and serves other teams in the Philippines as translation consultant.