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When you become a Sower of Scripture, you are standing with thousands of people across the globe who are still waiting for God’s Word. Your monthly undesignated gifts provide the reliable support needed to end Bible poverty.

 Why become a Sower of Scripture today? 

When you join our monthly donor community, you will benefit from the convenience of pre-authorized payments.

You will receive a welcome package, then a customized Bible translation ministry update every month.

 Your monthly support will: 

  • Give Bible translation a solid foundation: Your monthly support provides a reliable source of funding, ensuring each language project crosses the finish line.

  • Help address pressing needs and exciting opportunities: As a Scripture Sower, your undesignated monthly gifts allow your support to go where it is most needed.

  • Have a greater impact: Monthly giving helps increase the number of languages involved in Scripture translation. More projects mean more lives transformed through God’s Word!

  • Join a like-minded community: Thousands of fellow Christians across Canada, just like you, have made the task of translating the Scriptures their own. You’re joining a movement to see the end of Bible poverty.

  • Leave a powerful legacy: The gift of God’s Word keeps on giving. Once available, the Scriptures remain accessible from generation to generation.

I want to join the Sowers team!
Here is my first monthly gift toward the Bible translation movement:

*that's one translated verse a month!

“If we gradually read the Bible. . . God will do a miracle in our hearts. He will slowly change us. I would like to thank you so much because if there were no supporters, I might not know God like this.

– Rungsin, an Eastern Lawa speaker in Thailand.

“When you realize God has put you in a place where He has given you an opportunity to give and to make a difference, there’s great joy in that.” - George, a Wycliffe Canada donor in British Columbia

“You have to do the most important things first. If you want people to come to know Jesus, how can they do that without the Word? Wycliffe is bringing the Word to people.” - Marilyn, a Wycliffe Canada donor in British Columbia

“The Lord always blessed us with enough to be able to share. Our goal in life is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. . . and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our neighbour is anyone whose need we know and whose need we can meet.” - Carol, a Wycliffe Canada donor in Ontario

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