A Bigger Goal

Length 3:46 Follow Jen on her mission journey as she uses her professional skills in teaching to meet a critical need that many don’t even know exists. Discover the bigger goal that stirs Jen’s heart to serve with passion.

Fully Human_ending Bible poverty_1200

Fully Human

Length 2:36 This moving short film reveals two key factors around the Bible translation ministry that helped elevate the status…

ATEK_Alentando y equipando

Alentando y equipando—Una historia de ATEK

Length 5:19 En lo alto de los Andes Peruanos, en las aldeas y pueblos remotos que rodean Cusco, viven 1.5 millones…

Cette grande histoire1200_This Grand Story French

Cette grande histoire

Durée 2:13 Qui est la Wycliffe? Que fait-elle et qui sert-elle? Vous pourriez être surpris! Faites un petit tour dans le…

Andreas Story

Andrea’s Story

Length 4:22 Andrea experienced something quite extraordinary—not at all the kind of journey she expected. It was a hands-on, down-to-earth, real…