Your Prayers Matter

Length 2:02 We often underestimate the power of prayer to change the world around us. But as the example in this video shows, our prayers can help change people’s lives in significant ways. And just by praying, you can help people get the life-changing Word of God in their language.

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Hope Through Bible Translation

Length 0:59 Imagine reading the Bible in a second language you learned in high school. Would you get frustrated and…

Working Slick_freeze1

Working Slick

Length 2:33 Using technology effectively is foundational to the success of any organization. Learn more in our film, Working Slick…

Extreme Flexibility

Extreme Flexibility Required

Length 3:45 Unexpected things happen on the mission field. Follow this young dreadlocked dude on his six-month journey in a distant…

You Are Not Alone_1200

You Are Not Alone (Canadian version)

Length 2:38 When you’re considering what it looks like to become a missionary with Wycliffe, you might have some questions…